Yggdrasil Casino Games Will Be Available On Softgamings.

Yggdrasil Gaming’s YG Franchise is a global distribution and networking initiative, and the newest breaking news is that iGaming solutions vendor Softgamings has joined the program. This opens the door for Softgamings to expand their already extensive library of high-quality online casino games.

By integrating its official franchise-partners into an already established global network of developers and suppliers, Yggdrasil provides a unique possibility for global distribution power. As a new official YG partner, Softgamings will have access to Yggdrasil’s full software development pipeline, the YG platform (which naturally includes the company’s award-winning GATI technology), various marketing resources, and the full suite of YG Masters casino games.


Regarding GATI

One of the best features of the new agreement is that both sides will have access to GATI by Yggdrasil.


Because of GATI, creators of casino games can rapidly expand their operations in terms of both customer base and revenue, using a combination of streamlined procedures designed to hasten expansion. In addition, developers may rest assured that their IP will be fully protected when using GATI. The product is well-known all over the world for being an innovative method of accessing global success through networks.


The primary network of global products that each contributing developer/supplier brings to GATI is what makes it so effective, acclaimed, and popular with its partners. When partners join the YG network of GATI-enabled members, they can freely exchange information about their casino games, roadmaps, and specialized solutions with one another.


The elimination of the necessity for intermediaries providing licensing-compliance aid and services is the primary advantage of becoming a GATI-enabled partner. Companies may now devote their time and energy to producing useful content and expanding their businesses rather of wasting it on mundane administrative tasks.


Please Join Us

Yggdrasil’s head of publishing, Bjorn Krantz, expressed the company’s extreme joy in welcoming Softgamings into the franchise family. Krantz hails Softgamings as a gaming solutions provider with a rich history and impressive track record.


Softgamings will benefit from joining the Yggdrasil network of developers and casino games suppliers, but the entire franchised family will as well because the YG franchise model is predicated on the distribution- and brand-power of the group as a unit (or as a whole).


To that aim, Yggdrasil is thrilled to provide a novel and potent means by which the brand can develop its business operations and realize its own commercial aspirations far more rapidly than would have been possible had it relied solely on its own distribution resources. According to Krantz, this is the ultimate goal of both GATI and YG.


Appreciation on both sides

Irina Sazonova, director of partnerships at Softgamings, is convinced that the Yggdrasil franchise initiative has the potential to significantly increase the company’s global reach. Sazonova expressed delight at having the opportunity to bring Softgamings into a fast expanding network with the goal of radically altering the business.


According to the director, Softgamings’ partner network is just as enthusiastic about the new partnership’s potential.


A great new alliance with enormous potential now has a bright and optimistic future. And you can trust Yggdrasil to respect your partnership the same way it respects and serves the many other partners that have recently joined its program and casino games network.

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